Aykut Pehlivanoglu

Aykut Pehlivanoglu

Founder of Toolbox5.com, WorthOfWeb.com & SuggestMeMovie.com

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Best known as Founder of Toolbox5.com, WorthOfWeb.com & SuggestMeMovie.com

I was Marketing / Operations Director of an American IT company for 2+ years.
I own and run a software development and consultancy company for 12+ years.
I co-owned and ran a game studio for 9+ years.

Involved in hundreds of IT projects since 2006

Graduated from Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) as Chemical Engineer in 2005

I like cycling (Grand Tours, Spring Classics), football (soccer), basketball, traveling, reading, watching movies, and playing Civilization.

Current Projects

Some of the projects I am working on,

Toolbox 5 (Founder)
Worth Of Web Academy (Founder)
Suggest Me Movie (Founder)
Inbound Engineer (Founder)
Website & Domain Marketplace (Founder)
Aykut’s VIP Club (Founder)
Yazilim Idman Yurdu, TR (Founder)

My Book

I wrote a book about marketing, business development, project management and entrepreneurship. It is in Turkish, “Yazilimcinin Pazarlama Ile Imtihani”,

(Yazdigim ucretsiz e-kitap ile ilgili detayli bilgi icin asagidaki linke tiklayin)

Download / INDIR


Some of the interviews I had,

“The 2017 Product Hunt Stories” Book (2017)
Sully’s Blog (2017)
Media Shower (2014)
Advisor TV (2013)
Business.com (2013)
Sangkrit (2012)
Merlin’in Kazani, TR (2010)
Level, TR (2008)

PHP Script, Bot & API Developer (MySQL, Regex, htaccess, JSON, XML)

🚀 I develop PHP scripts, bots, parsers, and scrapers which can work for you 24/7. Imagine you have C-3PO and R2-D2 in your office!

📡 Systems I built for my clients are connecting the programs they use; synchronizing their data; producing custom PDFs, maps & content; sending/receiving SMS; parsing, processing & sending emails; crawling & scraping other websites; populating their databases & websites; and more.

You will have extra time, money, and energy after I automate your business tasks. So you can focus less on tiresome administrative tasks, more on growing your business.

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